SUMOL+COMPAL | Manufacturing Challenge

How can technologies such as big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence help us improve operations, in commerce, distribution and retail so that we can best serve our customers?


SUMOL+COMPAL is a company with a youthful and dynamic spirit whose beginnings date back to 1945. Since then, we have accumulated experience and knowledge and we have developed and applied new technologies to the creative process in order to construct a history full of success stories. The quality and naturalness of our products, our ability to innovate and differentiate, and our close links to nature and nutritional benefits are an integral part of our business heritage. A good example of this are our two iconic brands, which are amongst the best known, popular and widely consumed by generations of Portuguese and also, today, by increasing numbers of people from all around the world.

Innovation is part of our “DNA” at SUMOL+COMPAL and we believe that is the key to differentiating and enhancing our brands, ensuring client and consumer loyalty and, above all, to developing long-lasting relationships with these same target audiences.

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